Holz-Her 1270 Vertical Panel Saw


Product category: Saws



  • Very low hours of use and in very good condition.
  • 75" x 169" Cap., 4 HP motor, 2" depth of cut, 220 mm (8-5/8") dia. saw blade at 6,640 RPM.
  • Saw head traverses automatically when rip or crosscutting and returns to starting position; (2) cycle lengths for long or short panels, 36 & 72 FPM saw carriage travel speed, 0.75 HP feed drive; automatically moving back grid w/interlocks.
  • Rip gauge with (3) cam settings, (2) gauging bars throughout frame length with (2) flip stops, bottom rollers for easy movement of larger panels.
Brand Holz-Her
Model 1270 Automatic Supercut
Condition Very Good